Choosing your bespoke wedding rings

Traditional plain wedding bands are still a firm favourite. I make simple bands in silver, gold and white gold, these timeless classics are always a great option. As well as simple designs I can also make more unusual pieces.

As we all know your wedding is a very special event, a wedding band and an engagement ring is symbolic, and will be worn long after the special day has passed. Your wedding jewellery needs to be unique to you, beautiful and made to last. If you are looking for bespoke rings all you need to do is contact me to discuss your ideas and I can come up with a unique design.

Sometimes customers come to me with broken jewellery or inherited jewellery. I can often re-use stones, silver and gold and incorporate this into new designs. If you would like to enquire about this process please contact me to discuss options.

For all other women’s jewellery for the big day you can shop the collections and find something perfect for your outfit. I can also make other items of wedding jewellery to order. Other bespoke jewellery for weddings might include a necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Celebration jewellery

Often brides like to gift their bridesmaids and flower girls with a small item of jewellery to show their appreciation on the big day. These items can be chosen from the existing collections or made to order with personalisation. A Groom may want to gift his best man or ring bearer a set of cufflinks, lapel pin or a keyring to remember their part in the ceremony.

As well as weddings, celebration jewellery is cherished to commemorate life events and milestones, personal achievements and christenings. In the past my customers have ordered jewellery to remember a lost pet, to celebrate running a marathon and to mark an anniversary.

Blog on11th May 2020