Ordering Bespoke Handmade Jewellery via the Website or Social Media

I am often contacted by my customers and they ask me, ‘how do I order a bespoke,

handcrafted item and what is the process?’

It might seem daunting for you to try to describe what you would like or you may be

unsure about the cost. I try to make the process of ordering an item as simple and as

straight forward as possible. Orders can suit all budgets and start with simple

designs, re-modelling and repairing jewellery as well as more unique and unusual


Step 1- Your Idea

Explain to me what you would like me to make. Don’t be shy, I have made all sorts of

weird and wonderful pieces, this is what is so special about ordering a unique item.

Sometimes this stage might include you sending me images as examples of the

sorts of things you like, a drawing or sketch, or simply a verbal description. Once we

have discussed the initial idea we go on to the next stage.

Step 2- The Design

I make initial sketches to visualise your idea. I send you the sketches and you

choose your design. We discuss whether you are ready to proceed and if we need to

make any changes to the design.

Step 3 – The Cost

Once the design is agreed I can work out the cost, this will be based on the time that

It will take to make your item and the materials needed. If you are happy with the

quote, we can start to create your item.

Step 4 – Making Your Item

I make your item. I may need time to source materials or stones for your piece

(usually no longer than a week). Once I have the materials your item is created

completely by hand and will take between 2-4 weeks before it is ready.

I work in solid silver (also known as 925 sterling silver), solid yellow gold and solid

white gold. I can source precious stones, semi-precious stones, crystals and

synthetic stones.

Please visit my Facebook or Instagram to see examples of bespoke items.

If you are interested in ordering a bespoke item of jewellery contact me

Via the Website

Facebook – skylarkingsilver

Instagram - skylarking_silver

Phone- 07707270936

Blog on8th May 2020